Funky Donkey Cafe – a mobile cafe for your event!
We offer services for events in Poland and abroad.
We serve coffee, tea, soft drinks and snacks.

The offer:

Funky Donkey Cafe is a mobile café; we are everywhere there where something interesting is happening.

We want to provide good coffee for all who need it, and to the places where a cup of coffee is difficult to get.

We are guided by the idea of mobility - we like to be constantly on the road and participate in cool events. We appear on large mass events - festivals, concerts, shows, but we can appear just everywhere, even at your private party.

Quality is our biggest concern; that is why our coffee comes from small coffee roasteries carefully selected by us, not from big manufacturers involved in mass production.

We focus on our own and local products; we work with local suppliers and small producers. We always know well what is in the cup which you get from us.

In addition to coffee, our offer includes tea, hot chocolate and snacks. Our product range is tailored to the needs and nature of the event - we simply bring what you need.

If you want us at your party and would like to know more about our offer, please contact us – we will definitely get along!

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